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birkat habayit ZMIROT

Jewish Wedding gift

The act of gift-giving is a well-seasoned custom. We all enjoy offering something from the heart to the people we love and cherish, so that they know how much we cherish them, and so that something from us persists with them. Gift-giving is something of an art, requiring thinking about the person we are giving a gift to, considering what they would find most valuable and meaningful, asking yourself what is it that you most want them to feel or have coming from you, and hunting for that right gift you had in mind.

Beyond the instant gratification of a cash-check

In today’s age of instant gratification, gift-giving has sometimes been lost to the habit of check-writing. While this policy has its advantages, as everyone can use the money you give them to purchase what they want and need for their lives. This is often very true in the case of wedding gifts, where a check is only one step away from buying an item on a wedding gift list made up by the married couple.

However, with all the advantages of written checks, sometimes we wish to give something special to people who are special to us. This, again, is also very true of wedding gifts, which have the possibility of persisting as a memorable gift with the married couple for years later. Many people keep precious wedding gifts with them for years after. These gifts often serve as a reminder of their relationship and love, as well as their relationship with you.

The wedding gifts that end up as those gifts that last for years in the family are varied, and depend on the married couple as much as the character of the gift itself. Perhaps, also, those gifts best chosen for the specific married couple are the most lasting ones.

A Jewish Wedding gift to remember

One kind of such memorable wedding gift is a Jewish Wedding gift. When we talk about a Jewish Wedding gift we mean a piece of Judaica of character, which both has the value and usefulness of a wedding gift, which can be of use for the married couple in their household years ahead, and also has the added value of having a strong relation and identification with the married couple’s Jewish routes and heritage, and thus has a deeply-rooted connection to their identity, life and relationship.

A Jewish Wedding gift is a gift that is deeply connected to who the young couple is. A Jewish Wedding gift connects the young couple to the long history and tradition of young people building Jewish homes together. A Jewish Wedding gift relates directly to the life and traditions to be carried out by the new family, the holidays, Shabbat, and many parts of everyday life. A Jewish Wedding gift is therefore not just a fancy piece of kitchen-ware, or a beautiful ornament. A Jewish Wedding gift is something which has both a daily use as well as a deep-seated meaning.

Many different possibilities

A Jewish Wedding gift of this kind could be many different items. It could start by a “Birkat Habayit”, a house blessing, which serves, symbolically, as a guardian of the home, and could serve as a blessing over their start of a new home, a “home in Israel”.

How about a beautiful pair of candlesticks as a Jewish Wedding gift? These could be blessed over and cherished every Shabat. A Seder place might also be the right touch, for that special item to be cherished and remembered every time it is taken out on that special familiar occasion of the Seder. A Mezzuza, Hanukia, or even a plate to be hung on the wall engraved with a picture of Jerusalem may also be the perfect gift for the young couple you are choosing a gift for.

In our gallery we host many different Jewish Wedding gifts. You might find exactly the right Jewish Wedding gift you are looking for.


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