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mitzvah gifts 

Finding a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gifts could be a daunting task, whoever the gift is for. One looks for something which is memorable and from the heart, but also a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gifts which the celebrated child could use and enjoy in their day to day life, and not only store somewhere deep in the closet, only to be thought of years later. One also looks for a Bar Mitzvah gifts of meaning and significance. Whether or not you know the child well, this could indeed be a handful, especially if you don’t just plan on taking the easy way out of signing a check.

A look through Matanel’s art gallery, whether through the web site, or physically in our Jerusalem shop, may turn out to be surprisingly fruitful in one’s gift-seeking trail. Matanel’s Judaica and Israel art offers a good combination of gifts that are full of meaning and significance for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gifts – full of Jewish identity, art, culture and meaning, and at the same time also precious in their beauty, and could be found to be loved, used and precious by the receiver of these gifts. Here we will suggest just several possibilities for such meaningful and beautiful Bar or Bat Mitzvah gifts from our gallery, which might help get you  started with ideas for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift for which you were looking.

Perhaps one of the best places to start is with a decorative clock. A clock symbolizes the coming of age and taking of responsibility for one’s life. Yet at the same time it is also a fancy decoration for one’s wall. Part of the reason it is such a good gift is that the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’d child will be thinking of you every time they look up at their wall, or need to know the time. Matanel’s clocks have a combination of a very prestigious look, which could be a very attractive trait for a young one, while also very unique, full of beauty and life. Matanel’s clocks include tiles with beautiful pictures of Jerusalem or other Jewish themes, which make them much more than just a clock, and add to their beauty and prestige.

Another gift, full of meaning and beauty, yet also very useful as a Bar or Bat Mitzvah gift is one of the different beautiful Seforim Matanel has to offer. Matanel offers several different decorated Siddur for example. These all have a unique and beautiful character. Receiving your own Sidur as a Mitzvah gift could be most rewarding and offer a feeling of growing older and taking on new responsibilities and new opportunities opening. A book of Tehilim, or Machzorim or Zemirot could also be as meaningful and precious of a newly Bar Mitzvah’d child. The unique and special character of Matanel’s Seforim make them into indeed a very special gift, giving the child a special feeling, not only of being given any Siddur or Tehilim, but rather a unique one full of beauty. And receiving something that is truly unique also gives the receiver a feeling that they themselves are as unique.

Another special gift might be a decorated photo album. A photo album is a place where we hold our cherished memories of ourselves and our loved ones. Receiving your very own photo album is also an invitation to collect your own precious memories and creating your own world of thoughts, moments and loved ones. A photo album as a Mitzvah gift could, of course, also be used to hold all the photos from your  own Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration. Matanel’s photo albums are carried out with artistic grace and delicate detail, in the best style of Matanel’s art. There is a great variety of different albums, which could be chosen according to the interests or taste of the celebrating child.

For a Bat Mitzvah, one might want to consider a Jewelry box to hold the different Jewelry and other precious items the Bat Mitzvah’d child will be collecting throughout their lives. Matanel’s Jewelry boxes are not just any Jewelry boxes, but items of delicate detail and artistic craft. Some of them include Matanel’s famed Jerusalem scenes, beautifully engraved into the box’s cover. The boxes themselves are designed in high-quality wood, with different designs and a special and luxurious look. These are Jewelry boxes to be cherished at least as much as the Jewelry within them.

What about an impressive, handcrafted, golden Mezuzah for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah’s own room?  This is also a symbol of growth and independence, as well as something to be cherished and reminded of you on a regular basis, any time they enter or exit their room, they will see this special Mezuzah. Matanel’s Mezuzah’s include beautiful golden engravings of Jerusalem, or of the Menorah, in Matanel’s special artistic form, which make them unique and stand out with vitality and power. It is a striking and impressive Mezuzah to have on one’s wall, quite a potent Mitzvah gifts.

If you are looking for a Mitzvah gifts of Jewish character, meaningful, inspiring, and also one that would be loved and cherished by the celebrating child, looking through Matanel’s Jewish art store will open up your taste buds to exciting, rich and beautiful ideas.



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