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Matanel Is owned by Roni Ben Yehuda, a Jerusalem born artist .He is the son of a well known jewelry designer, Yoel Ben Yehuda, the artist who is known in jewelry design as one of the first students of Bezalel, the school of art in Jerusalem.  Roni is also the descendant of a family that has dealt for several generations in the judaica art gallery jewelry and sculpture. From early childhood Roni Ben Yehuda showed a great desire to learn this art. He has dealt for two decades in the  Judaic art and in the last years has started to create designs of Judaic art that are based on combining prime metals, fabrics and wood all of them are shown in : seforim, photo albums, clocks, jewelry boxes, mezuzah, Jewish amulet, kidush cup and more. The products are marketed in Israel and throughout the world under the trademark name "Matanel". The motif in his designs combines the world of kabbalah with spectacular designing and very unique framing. Matanel's store is one of the best Jewish gift shops for: Jewish wedding gift,  bar mitzvha gifts, Jewish holiday gifts, mitzvah gifts and more.

Also in matanel's store pictures of seven seventy, Jerusalem picture, birkat habayit, menorah and more


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