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jewish art gallery

For many who visit Israel, one of the more interesting aspects of Israel is Israeli art. Art tells a lot about a nation, about its cultural world, about what people are thinking, feelings and involved in. Art is an expression of the soul, of the heart and of the mind. The art produced in a country expresses much of where the country is at.

A great variety of Israeli jewish art

Of course there is a great variety of jewish art, just like there is a great variety of feelings, ideas and thoughts in Israeli society, which by its very nature is quite varied and pluralistic. To grasp a wide picture of jewish art, one must visit a variety of Israeli artists or art galleries. This is not necessarily an easy task, especially if one is not based in Tel Aviv, where most of the art scene is located, and where the majority of the art galleries are.

Additionally, the Tel Aviv art scene, with all its advantages and achievements, is in many ways a very particular art scene, and does not necessarily offer a broad picture of jewish art.

Is there another jewish art?

There is also a real question of what kind of art one is looking for, and of what one would consider as Israel art, or as an Israel art gallery. For many, the concept of jewish is not just art that is created in Israel, but also art that comes from the soul of Jewish Israel, art that is directly related to the Jewish people, and lives in constant back and forth with the Jewish sources, the Jewish world, the Jewish people and its connection to the land of Israel. That kind of art, though not overall non-existent, is far scarcer in the Tel Aviv Israel art scene. To find such art, one must often look in other sources, in other galleries, for eyes and hands of other artists, for other art galleries which when calling themselves an Israel art gallery, would consider the idea of Israel art to be deeply related to the Jewish people.

An jewish art gallery which evokes the heart and soul of Jewish Israel

This is the kind of art created in Meah Shearim St., in Matanel’s Israel art Gallery. Matanel is an jewish art gallery devoted to art directly related to Jews, to the Jewish world, to the scriptures, and to Israel. It is an Israel art gallery that in itself encompasses the spirit of Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

At Matanel’s jewish art gallery one finds a variety of art which evokes the themes of Judaism, of Jerusalem and of the Jewish Holidays. It is an Israel art gallery which portrays the heart of Israel in a different way, one might easily connect with. Walking through Matanel’s jewish art gallery, one finds a rich and beautiful world, for example, in the varying portrayals of the golden city of Jerusalem, in the city’s sites, buildings and charming allies as they are portrayed in Matanel’s paintings carried out in golden engravings.

Matanel’s jewish art gallery hosts both pictures delicately engraved and carved out in gold, as well as beautiful Judaica items. However, these Judaica items at Matanel, are considered to be art works as well, since they are constructed with the delicacy and spirit of an artist, and made with the greatest amount of attention and care for these items, just like works of art. At Matanel’s jewish art gallery even the simplest Judaica items are all works of art.


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