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Seven Seventy 770  

Seven Seventy 770: The story of a modest but important building

On 770 Eastern Parkway, among Brooklyn’s major avenues, stands a modest but eloquent house, built back in the 1930s, which, despite its simple and modest appearance, has become a symbol for Chabad Chassidim, as it houses the world-headquarters of Chabad-Lubavitch. It is these Chabad Chassidim that have nicked the house ”Seven Seventy”, and gave it its fame and importance.

The three-story house is made of handsome red brick, and includes impressive heavy doors made of oak wood, and pointed rooftops. Seven Seventy was constructed back in the 1930s by a Doctor from New York. The whole building, is a lovely combination of a simple design, yet quite elegant and full of charm, and is also constructed of high-quality materials. Seven Seventy is situated in Crown Heights, which at the time was home to the some of the more prosperous and vibrant Jewish communities at the time.

Seven Seventy was bought by the Rebbe immediately after arriving in New York. The Rebbe made the second floor his home, and used his small office day and night to tirelessly study, read and respond to letters coming from around the world. Rabbi Shmaryahu Gur­Aryeh, a former head of the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva, and the Rebbe’s son-in-law resides in the apartment above. All other parts of the building are dedicated to Chabad’s world headquarters and its varying different functions. As to be expected, this place is busy without end, with phone calls, staff, volunteers and visitors coming in and out, and the sound of important work being carried out everywhere. 


Seven Seventy 770: a precious depiction in gold

Matanel, famous for his fine work in making beautiful images in gold related to Judaism, Jerusalem and the Holy Land, has created a state of the art picture designed in gold of Seven Seventy, as a lovely depiction and tribute of this important house, and its significance. The picture depicts, in fine detail, the house in its entirety, with all its simplicity and style, while preserving the sensation of importance and meaningful work that happens inside it.

Most of Matanel’s pictures are devoted to images of the Holy City of Jerusalem. In all these scenes, one finds the special characteristics of Matanel’s art. Special Jerusalem scenes, and the special flavor of Jerusalem is transferred into a painting in gold, hand-made with minute details and a unique artist’s hand. Jerusalem, which is considered the “City of Gold”, receives golden life in Matanel’s scenes.

With Seven Seventy, Matanel uses his style and art to present a scene from a different part of the world, but still one of importance and meaning. In his depiction of Seven Seventy, he uses the same style and techniques as in his Jerusalem pictures, to portray the majesty and grandeur of this important  Crown Hights apartment.


A characteristic Matanel frame

Matanel’s Seven Seventy picture comes, like all other Matanel pictures, in an exquisite and prestigious wooden frame. Matanel offers a choice of different frame types, all hand-made and engraved with charm and elegance. One could choose between the elegant “Rome” frame, to the majestic “Venice” frame, the unique and fancy “Garda” frame, and other frames, making you want to buy several different pictures even just for the frames themselves. Matanel’s frames add prestige and a touch of brilliance to the picture.


The Seven Seventy picture by Matanel is without doubt a picture to be cherished and adored by anyone who sees it and cares about the Jewish world.

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