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Jewish Gift Shop collection

When looking for a gift for someone special, we all look for something unique, something that comes from the heart and reaches the heart. Something that is full of meaning. We look for something that connects us to who we are, to our ancestry, our culture, to the Jewish people and the people of Israel.

Matanel is that kind of Jewish gift shop. It is a gift shop in which everything comes from deep inside the heart. Matanel houses original items of Judaica and Jewish art that will be cherished by anyone who receives them as a gift. It is a Jewish gift shop where everything has meaning. No item is superfluous or dull. It is a gift shop full of meaning.

Gifts from Israel

If you are visiting in Israel, and you want to bring your loved ones back home something special, which also signifies and shows the beauty of Israel, then you are looking for a Jewish Gift Shop such as Matanel. There is nothing like originally hand-crafted Jewish art. Nothing holds as much richness, beauty and love of god. The items that can be bought in the different bazaars or simple gift shops just don’t have the spirit of the original artistry of hand-crafted Jewish art.

Shopping for your loved ones when traveling can be difficult, especially when in Israel, a place so rich with meaning and splendor. Going through gift shop after gift shop looking at similar items which lack that passion and specialness you want to bring back with you – this can be tiring and frustrating. The regular items offered to tourists can be unoriginal and dull, and different from the feeling you want to bring home.

However, clearly, it is hard to go from shop to shop, and therefore when traveling one prefers to find all of one’s gifts in the same gift shop, which could offer all the range and kinds of gifts one would like to bring home.

That is the kind of gift Shop Matanel aims to be as a Jewish gift shop selling original, hand-crafted pieces of Jewish art and Judaica. In Matanel you can find those special, one-of-a-kind gifts which your loved ones will love and feel that you had them in mind. Visiting Matanel you can forgo the tiresome ordeal of wandering endlessly from gift shop to gift shop, and you can find all your gifts from the Holy Land in one place that celebrates Jewish art at its finest.

The hidden Jewish Gifts one can find in Matanel

Matanel is a Jewish gift shop which hosts a large variety of Jewish art and artifacts, all crafted with a special artist’s hand. Among the different artifacts, you can find Birkat Habayit, Mezuzot, Amulets, Seforim, wedding gifts, Jewelry Boxes, zmirot and more.

In Matanel you can also find a large variety of Amulets for different purposes: Marage, Abundance, Bracha and Hatzlacha and more.

Matanel also hosts a beautiful variety of Judaica ceremonial objects such as a Menorah, Eshet Chayil, Kidush Cups and more.

Matanel specializes in beautiful images of Jerusalem, using different styles and techniques, and all beautifully and prestigiously framed.

Matanel is one of the largest such Jewish gift shops in Jerusalem and in Israel as a whole. On its many shelves one can find many surprises and hidden gems, which may be exactly the gift you’ve wanted to take back home.

Matanel offers not only those gifts you might want to bring to your loved ones, but also items of Jewish art or israel art which you might want  to take home for yourself, as a cherished memory of your time in Israel.

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