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jerusalem picture

Jerusalem Picture / Jerusalem Pictures

Jerusalem – singular in its beauty

There is no other place on earth like Jerusalem. There are bigger cities, richer cities, better organized cities, but no city can compete with Jerusalem’s special character. Every stone in the city has a story to tell. The city’s history and holiness is everywhere. When walking through the city of Jerusalem, one immediately senses the uniqueness of the city, the history on which they are walking, the religious significance of almost every corner.

Jerusalem has been the center of hopes and aspirations of Jewish people everywhere throughout the centuries. It is not for no reason that “To next year in Jerusalem” is chanted year in and year out in Passover Seders by Jews everywhere. Many Jews feel at home in Jerusalem, even if they visit there for the first time. It is undoubtedly a special place.

What makes Jerusalem into such a special place? Is it only its history and the holiness bestowed upon it? Is it only that here lies the Wailing Wall, the Tower of David, and other important historical sites closely related to our people and culture? It appears that there is something more to it, that within its walls, and in its expanded areas beyond the walls, Jerusalem has maintained a special character, which is as certain as the sunshine but difficult to explain. Perhaps it is the character of its buildings and the special Jerusalem stone everywhere. Perhaps it is the people residing in the city. Perhaps it is the hills it is built upon and the surrounding green mountains and the Judean Desert to the south. Or perhaps it is just a mix of all these reasons and more, and their marvelous interplay.

Whatever it is, Jerusalem is indeed singular in its beauty and character, and holds true to the statement “Jerusalem of Gold”.

Jerusalem pictures scenes of gold

Many artists throughout history have attempted to depict Jerusalem in their art. Some have been quite successful in catching the city’s feel and holiness. There have been many a Jerusalem pictures which has attempted to portray the majesty and splendor of the city in all its glory, to convey the feeling of Jerusalem of Gold in their Jerusalem pictures.

Matanel’s gallery hosts many varieties of a Jerusalem pictures, designed and engraved in gold. The various styles of Jerusalem pictures  in Matanel, created by Jerusalem-born artist Yoel Ben Yehuda, all show special scenes of Jerusalem, it’s landscape and the city’s grace. The city’s special character is delicately and masterfully woven into Matanel’s Jerusalem pictures. All of Matanel’s Jerusalem pictures scenes are etched with many details, and drawn with an artist’s hands, by an artist who knows Jerusalem inside and out, has spent hours on end painting different scenes of Jerusalem and perfecting his style and technique to reach the style for which he is currently internationally renowned for his series of Jerusalem pictures  scenes.

In Matanel’s Jerusalem pictures scenes, the city’s special character, charm, and holiness is conveyed using delicate art in gold. The meaning of “Jerusalem – City of Gold” is very elegantly transmitted through Matanel’s Jerusalem pictures scenes, not only because the scenes are engraved in gold, but also because Jerusalem shines through the scenes portrayed in these golden pictures, for the artistic style and excellent craftsmanship of the artist.

As in all of Matanel’s pictures, the Jerusalem pictures series all come beautifully framed in original and hand-crafted frames, which add to the beauty and grandeur of these Jerusalem picture scenes.


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