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birkat habayit

Birkat Habayit

Birkat Habyit, or the “home blessing” has become a very popular emulate many Jews hold in their homes. One can place Birkat Habyit as an ornament in various places in one’s house. There are various types of home blessings, design styles and passages used in the blessings. They are all a good home ornament, and a symbol of safe-keeping of the home, of the intactness of one’s family, and of the connection with the Jewish people.

Birkat Habayit as a housewarming or wedding gift

Birkat Habayit could be used as a lovely housewarming or jewish wedding gift. By giving someone  Birkat Habayit you offer them a blessing they can keep up on their walls, to be reminded of you, and of your caring and good wishes towards them. Birkat Habayit usually gets placed at the entrances of houses or in central and seen spots, so that you can be sure that it will be a much noticed gift, and thus also much cherished.

What can be more telling of your good-wishes to a new-couple or to a family who moved to a new house, then your good blessings towards them, as portrayed by a Birkat Habayit, especially if it is a beautiful and special one, showing you did not look for just any blessing, but for one with meaning, power and feeling.

Birkat Habyit could also be the perfect gift for yourself. If you are looking for something to give your house a special house, or to bless over your own home, finding the Birkat Habayit that fits your home could be just the right gift to give yourself and your family.

Matanel’s Birkat Habayit collection

Matanel hosts an impressive collection of different Birkat Habayit ornaments. All of them are engraved in gold and done with a fine artist’s hand. When going over Matanel’s collection of Birkat Habayit, you will be struck by several special characteristics of these specific home blessings.

First, you will notice these are very special Birkat Habayit. These are not of the kind to be found in regular shops. These have a distinct and impressive look that will make an impression like no other Birkat Habayit.

Secondly, these home blessings are made with the most delicate touch, and are full of many various intricate, beautifully carved details. These can be looked at and admired for hours. After years of having them in your house, you might suddenly look again and notice a detail you have not yet noticed.

Additinoally, these home blessings include various Jewish themes. One of the central themes appearing in many (but not all) of Metanel’s home blessings is Jerusalem. In these home blessings, scenes of the Holy City are artistically engraved and included in the ornament. In these Jerusalem-themed Birkat Habayit, Jerusalem’s holiness shines through the design, and instills itself in your home. The city’s beauty comes through in a master’s hand-touch. These home blessings are a way to bring the Holy City’s grandeur into your home.

Matanel’s special frames

Another aspect of Metanel’s special home blessings is the special frames used in these blessings. In choosing your home blessing, you also need to choose between a variety of different impressive frames. These frames have their own character, but mostly give a feeling of prestige and grandeur. They are all made from different kinds of pure wood, and handcrafted to perfection in various styles.

In short, Metanel’s collection of Birkat  Habayit is a collection of intricate and special home blessings, which will add splendor and prestige to your home, and show your love for anyone to whom you choose to give these special home blessings.

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