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Bar Mitzvah gift

Finding the right Bar Mitzvah gift could be quite a challenge. For many, Bar Mitzvah gifts have become a signed check, of which the only question is the numbers inscribed on it. Gift certificates have also become popular options for those who desire to give something of more meaning than a simple check, but don’t know what they could actually get the young man or women whose coming of age they are celebrating.

In these times when values and meaning are often replaced by consumerism and immediate satisfaction, one might want to find a Bar Mitzvah gift that would be of real value, one that the celebrating child could find something real in, and some meaning to be looked into and more deeply understood. Such a Bar Mitzvah gift could stay with the child for many years as a memory, and something to cherish for years after.

It might be important to add here that not any shining gift would necessarily have the meaning you wish to give it. An engraved pen, for example, might find itself collecting dust on the table, or hidden in some drawer. An unexplained book on religion or Judaism might just sit for years among the books on the child’s parents’ bookshelf, perhaps only to be read by the parents themselves. A watch, once a valued gift, might find itself locked in some drawer hidden from eye’s view, simply as in today’s age of cell-phones watches have become of much less use to the younger generation.

What is, then, a Bar Mitzvah gift that would be of meaning to a young one celebrating his Bar Mitzvah? What would be a Bar Mitzvah gift that would be left in his memory and mind and be cherished years later? What Bar Mitzvah gift will cause interest and curiosity that will get the child more interested in his roots, his Judaism, and other issues of meaning related to the world.

Clearly, a simple but true beginning of an answer to this question is a gift that comes from the heart. Something you have thought about and had the Bar Mitzvah child in mind when you chose the gift. Every child recognizes when a gift was chosen specifically for them, from the heart and with them specifically in mind, as opposed to when a gift was fairly randomly chosen out of need to find a gift.

A second character of a memorable Bar Mitzvah gift would be something the young person could relate to, something which is connected to their life and who they are, and would offer them a meaning of substance. Many parents or relatives chose a trip to Israel as such a gift – a tour to the roots of one’s Jewish heritage. This is often a memorable and heartwarming gift, whose memories will last for life. However, there are other gifts that would find audience with the Bar Mitzvah gift receiver, and would be less costly, or otherwise more possible to give, and still equally of meaning.

One such Bar Mitzvah gift would be a piece of Jewish art of meaning, substance and beauty: a Mezuzah for the child’s rooms entrance, a special, hand-made Talit, which can also be used on the occasion of the Bar Mitzvah itself. A special Kippah, specially made for the child could also be appropriate. Such gifts could deliver a feeling of being connected to something, entering into the larger world of Jewish life, a connection to the world of Judaism and what the piece of beautiful Judaica represents. Such a Bar Mitzvah gift, if chosen from the heart, could reach directly to the heart.



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