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Jewish Holiday

Nothing is more familiar, more soothing and warm, than a Jewish holiday. Nothing gets the whole family together for times of joy, relaxation, and warmth like a Jewish holiday.

The Jewish holidays are times when the whole family gets together, eats together, spends time together, and there is ample time and opportunity to invest in each member of our family, their well-being and our relationship. Our holidays are the times when we get to see our children grow, as each year the holiday looks differently according to how they have grown, what they have learned and who they have become. The holidays are thus a good opportunity to reminisce, notice our family and loved ones, and create new and good times.

Not to romanticize, holidays are also often complicated to manage, with many differing expectations, varying needs of different people to attend to, a lot of preparations that could be costly in terms of work hours and effort, and a nascent desire to have “the best holiday ever”, or “have it just right this time” which could often be stressful and complicate matters.

The challenge of a Jewish holiday gifts

One of the necessary efforts which tend to complicate our Jewish holiday, and strain our bodies and souls is Jewish holiday gifts. The right gift could often lift the spirits of any holiday. Choosing the gift, however, and going to buy it, could be a draining ritual, both physically and emotionally.  Often it is difficult to think what we could give our loved ones which they would really enjoy and feel our love from. At times it could also be difficult to find those right gifts, and what is easy to find could just be too cheesy or dull. While what we are really looking for in giving a Jewish holiday gift is something that has a direct connection to the holiday, to who we are, to the essence of our family and of our connection to each other and to our heritage and culture. This kind of gift is not often produced by the assembly line of holiday gifts on display in supermarkets or department store chains.

What is, then, that we are looking for which makes for the right Jewish holiday gift? What will make our loved ones notice we have thought about them in what we have brought them, and notice our caring and love to them? What gift will be remembered years later, and not just discarded to some far-off closet, never to be returned to later?

Handcrafted and original: a real Jewish holiday gift

One such Jewish holiday gift could be a piece of original Jewish artistry, hand-made. If it is related to the holiday, or could be used in the Jewish holiday itself, than it could be returned to year after year.

Consider an original Seder plate, for example. It is exciting and uplifting to receive such a Seder plate as a gift. A beautifully made Seder plate could last in the family for generations, and be remembered as something special relating to the family’s relationship. At every year’s Seder it will be taken out of the closet to be remembered and cherished once again.

The same is true for a Kiddish cup, which can even be used on an even more regular occasion. Imagine how each time it is taken out to be used, you, who gave the gift will be remembered and thought of, and happy memories evoked.

A Hanukkah menorah is another good example, as it is reused every night during Hanukkah. As the lighting of the candles is so loved by many children, it will be a well-remembered and cherished gift.

In Matanel you can find a large selection of such Jewish holiday gifts that maybe just what you are looking for on this Jewish holiday.


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